I’m Vaccinated. Completed My 2nd Dose of Moderna Vaccine

Hurray, I’m Covid19 vaccinated. Me and my wife completed our second dose of Moderna vaccine this afternoon at Hong Kah Community Centre. We arrived at 2:15pm.

This time there was no queue, we went straight to the registration desk to confirm our identity and medical conditions. Next we were in adjacent rooms for our jab.

My second Moderna vaccination at 2:30pm

In split seconds, we were done, and ushered to the resting area in an adjacent hall.

After 30 minutes, we received our vaccine certificates, were given a box of disposable masks, and left the vaccination centre at 3:10pm.

A big thank you to the medical and administrative team for their hard work, sacrifices and patience for ensuring an orderly and efficient process while at the centre.

I was told the level of “uncomfortness” from this second jab would be much higher compared to that from the first. I don’t know yet. 🤔

By the way, my daughter took her second jab two days ago. The next day she was feverish and felt significant pain raising her left arm. She commented she felt terribly uncomfortable the whole day. She was much better on the third day, and left for school with a smile.

Read on below as I shared my comparative experience in the next few days. 😜

Day 02 :

How I feel today? It was hard to express in words. Simply put…

  • My upper left shoulder was relatively painful, more pain when I lift up my left hand.
  • I had a mild headache. My neck felt warmer than my forehead. I felt tired and sickly the whole day. But my digital thermometer said I was okay.
  • My eyes were feverish inside, like having sore eyes. But my mirror said my eyes were okay.

Overall the vaccine made us feel lousy the whole day. Fortunately I was able to concentrate on my work from home completed four back-to-back e-meetings. 😜

Day 03 :

Today I woke up with my headache gone, my pain over the left shoulder was mild, and no more feverish feeling. 💪 I was back to life again. 😎

14 days later… My Covid19 health status in TraceTogether indicates : Vaccinated 👍

However, I’m reminded that I must remain vigilant, observe Covid19 SOP, and continue to wear mask and wash hands until “everyone is safe”.


Take care everyone. Wherever you are, stay safe and healthy. May God bless and protect each and everyone of you.

Praise the Lord. Amen.

A Lifelong Learner • Young At Heart 😎